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1st Edition Finna T-Shirt (Men's)

1st Edition Finna T-Shirt (Men's)

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Our original “Culture Line” designs come on a soft and comfortable t-shirt while not sacrificing quality. Perfect for getting fresh or just laying back!

1. Ready to; on the verge of.

2. Abbreviated contraction of "fixing to", meaning "getting ready to carry out a specific action". Usually in the near future.

NOTE: In New Orleans, it's sometimes used in conjunction with the phrase 'lay up there' to emphasize the action the action being done in a relaxed, carefree manner.

Our Story: Y.A.D.I.G. is an apparel line founded in 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana with the sole purpose of magnifying the intense pride that every person has for where they are from. We’re inspiring both past and present generations alike to celebrate and protect their culture at all costs. For if we don’t know where we come from, the future generations won’t know where to go.

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