Collection: Y.A.D.I.G. BRAND "Thalia & Melpomene 22'" Limited Edition Varsity Jacket (PRE-ORDER)

This is the pre-order for the limited edition Thalia & Melpomene '22 Varsity Jacket. Congratulations on being one of the first and few who will be able to enjoy this exclusive Y.A.D.I.G. BRAND item!

Features a soft & comfortable wool shell, a luxurious black silk interior, cell phone pocket, gold zipper pockets, embroidered logo and Louisiana state patch and elaborate embroidery of the Y.A.D.I.G. BRAND crest.

Shipping will be in January 2023. Any requests for shipping updates or general questions can be sent straight to

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  • Thalia & Melpomene 22' Varsity Jacket
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